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Seek Information November 2019 Update

"Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves." - Mason Cooley 

Community Presentations 

The Community Foundation's Nick Tscheekar and Luiza Benisano presented at NV Energy's Caregiver Support Initiative Lunch and Learn along with William Palmer, Honor Jones, and Diane Ross. Nick and Luiza discussed the Guidebooks and William, Honor, and Diane shared their experiences with caregiving. 

Common Questions for Caregivers 

There are plenty of common questions that caregivers may have along their caregiving journey. You can find other caregiver questions at

Question: What are some services that hospice provides?

Answer: Hospice provides regular physician visits, nurses who come as often as needed, social workers who help the family with decisions, spiritual counselors, aides, and volunteers who provide respite for the caregiver. 

Self-Care Tip for the Caregiver 

Seek information: The power of knowledge and information is key to relieving many stress factors. With increased knowledge, you can better prepare for the future and more effectively handle challenging situations. 

The library or internet can be great and accessible tools for obtaining information; just be cautious of where an article is coming from. If you would like local resources and information, visit







To learn more about the many other local resources listed to help caregivers, please visit