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Resident Views about Life at Village on Sage Street

Damian Knox, Village on Sage resident

Damian Knox

  • “About almost a year ago I found myself homeless, I got evicted from my apartment. I was on the streets for about a week then I went to the shelter and I stayed there for about five weeks. I needed something affordable because I couldn’t afford anything else.  I’ve been here since October and it’s a great place, great staff. Everyone is polite.”
  • “It’s a very clean place and I really like it here. It’s always clean and the staff is always nice.  Everything about this place I like. The room is the perfect size for me right now. I’ve been trying to save up a bit. It’s really safe here. Nobody can come in here except for you and I feel safe because of that. “
  • When asked about what he would want someone to know if they were thinking about moving to the Village: “I would want them to know they’re coming to a good place and they’re going to like it a lot. This is probably one of the best places I have ever lived in my life. I know it’s not a regular apartment, but it’s a good place.”


Clyde Goodson, Village on Sage resident

Clyde Goodson

  • “I have never felt at home the way I feel here.”
  • “There are people here, including myself, who are low-income and it’s helping us to adjust our finances and better ourselves and grow. Everybody tries to help one another.”
  • “The staff keep everything very clean – they are very respectful.”
  • “I can feel a lot of love and support from my neighbors. It’s a blessing to be here, to have the chance to start your life over.”
  • “The recreation building is very comfortable… everyone tries to remember to wear their mask. It’s a blessing to have the laundry room and the computer room. My neighbors made me feel welcome the first day I moved in here.”
  • “This is a place where you can have a fresh beginning.”
  • “I was welcome when I came through the gate. I was like, ‘Wow.” I am 57 and I have a lot of health issues and everyone is very considerate. Everyone looks out for one another.”


Lewis Clute, Village on Sage resident

Lewis Clute

  • “Before I lived at the Village on Sage Street, I was living in a tent. I am on a fixed income, on SSDI. I only make so much money and I got priced out because of the rent. My therapist from Community Health Alliance told me about the Village.”
  • “The bottom line is the Village got me out of the elements, out of a tent. The rooms are small, but so what. You get used to it. I’m comfortable. I’m grateful this place exists. I just can’t afford a whole lot of rent and eat at the same time. Thank God for Volunteers of America and everybody behind it.”
  • “When I found out about you guys, I was like, ‘wow!’ I fit in my room. I fixed it up the way I like it and it’s nice. I’m happy. I really like the place.”
  • “I never intended the Village to be a permanent place. I just needed it to be a steppingstone to be able to move forward. I can do that here without a doubt.”
  • “The gate makes you feel safe. The fencing alone is just fantastic.”
  • “I love the landscape! It’s beautiful. The staff is fantastic. The place is clean.”


Sharon Weigle, Village on Sage resident

Sharon Weigle

  •       “It’s been a surprising experience for me. I’m 82 years old. I never thought in a million years that I would ever be in a situation like this. But I am extremely thankful that I have landed here. I have been amazed at how protective of me the fellows in my building have been.”
  •        “There are some absolutely outstanding people here.”
  •        “There are people who have really good jobs, but have found themselves in a situation, whether it’s because of the pandemic or whatever, that they are in here for a period of time.”
  •        “You have a roof over your head. You have a bed. You have a room. Yes, it’s small, but you have a room with a locked door. You have a safe environment. You have people in charge who care about you.”
  •       “The Village gives you a secure place where you can make a choice. Do I want to turn my life around? Do I want to get rid of a bunch of credit card debt? Do I want to have a chance to be someplace relatively peaceful where I can take a deep breath and think through, how did it get here, what am I going to do while I am here, and what am I ultimately hoping to be able to go on to.”
  •        “Ideally I would just love for people to be more informed and more aware of Volunteers of America. They are just awesome. I am on the waiting list for Sierra Manor 1.”
  •        “The caring of the guys and the gals that do maintenance and cleaning are just positively amazing. They continue on with a good attitude.”
  •       “I get up at 5 in the morning every day for only one reason. I know that the night gals have cleaned the handicapped bathroom in my building completely. I can get into a totally clean situation. Every morning at 5 o'clock I can have a shower and do what needs to be done. That’s security for me. They do it not only because it’s their job, but they have passed the word to the guys in the dorm that at 5 o'clock in the morning Sharon comes into a clean bathroom. Stay out of there until after she has finished. They totally take care of me!"


Mani Nova, Village on Sage Street resident

Mani Nova

Mani has been living at the Village on Sage Street since March . He cares about the disenfranchised and feels the Village is a good way to prevent homelessness.