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Remembering Philanthropist Konner Robison

Remembering Konner Nov 2023

November 17, 2023

In loving memory of Konner Robison, we reflect on his remarkable journey and lasting impact on our community. Konner's philanthropic spirit was evident from the moment he walked into the Community Foundation office as a Sage Ridge School student participating in the High School Giving Circle.

As a member of the High School Giving Circle, Konner explored his charitable values and recommended $10,000 in grants to local organizations with his peers. Inspired by his high school experiences, Konner founded the Scholastic Gateway Fund in 2011 to provide technology and educational materials for underprivileged students in Washoe County. The fund contributed $143,011 to Washoe County Schools from 2012 to 2014, showcasing Konner's commitment to bridging educational gaps. The fund closed in 2014 when Konner moved to attend college at Stanford University. 

While attending Stanford, Konner started various companies, including SolTats, and his entrepreneurial efforts fueled his determination to make a positive impact. His exceptional ability to empathize and motivate others set him apart from the beginning. Konner was more than a serial entrepreneur; he was a compassionate soul who believed in the "privilege to fail" as a learning experience. 

Konner earned a Management Science and Engineering Degree as well as his Master's Degree in Public Policy from Stanford where he also served as a SIEPR young Associate. Konner was also enrolled and near completion of a dual MBA/JD program at Cornell. Konner was also an active LTJG Officer in the US Navy.

His volunteer work included contributions to the Moonridge Philanthropy Leaders Summit, the Washoe K-12 Education Foundation, Tahoe Public Art, and the Community Foundation's campaign cabinet for the Northern Nevada Endowment. His volunteering efforts continued in California, where he tutored East Palo Alto students in California and volunteered with Youth Drama For All (YDFA).

After receiving his cancer diagnosis, Konner married the love of his life, Claire DeAngeli, in April 2023. Claire shared that Konner fought a courageous battle against cancer and, during his final months of life, was in an incredible amount of pain. Despite the hardships, Konner continued to be loving and kind to those around him because that's who he was. He always smiled and asked how people were doing, even on his worst days.

In remembrance of Konner Robison and his philanthropic legacy, the Robison Family has reinstated the Konner Robison Scholastic Gateway Fund. May this fund continue to empower students and honor Konner's enduring commitment to social improvement and education.