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Questions and Considerations to Achieve Thoughtful and Informed Charitable Giving

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By Chris Askin CSPG, CFRE
President & CEO

Each of us is unique in how we approach charitable giving. As with many of the things we believe and do, our values, our friends, and how we conduct our lives, we are heavily influenced by where we are born, how we are brought up, and what we are taught and learn from our family and friends. Charitable giving is one of the values most influenced by our upbringing. 

But like so many things as we learn and mature, we embrace new ideas and concepts and form our own beliefs by which we live our lives. Since this is a never-ending process, I’d like to share some important thoughts about charitable giving for your consideration.

Your View of Philanthropy
How does philanthropy fit into your overall financial plans? Do you budget for philanthropy? Do you give throughout the year or mostly at the end of the year? Does your giving include an assessment of the impact on your taxes, and do you give assets other than cash that provide additional tax savings? 

If you come into a financial windfall, do you consider giving some to charity to help others, and as part of your tax strategy? Do you discuss your philanthropy with your tax advisor? As with so many financial matters, we may or may not be taught these strategies by our parents, but thoughtful giving that considers your financial plans will benefit both your personal finances and your charitable interests.

The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada’s team is honored to work with charitable donors to help ensure a great experience while making an impact on people’s lives. 

Knowing Your Charities
Do you give as part of a strategy that will have a cumulative effect over time for the various charities you support? How closely are you connected with those charities? Are you familiar with the programs you help fund? Do you know the general financial situation of the charities you consider donating to? Are you familiar with and confident about the leadership of the organizations you support? Having an awareness beyond the basic rudimentary level can help you know that your gift is making a difference. And, it may even lead you to do more to help, perhaps including volunteering or helping lead charities doing work that is important to you.

Overall, would you consider your philanthropy satisfying and successful? After you’ve made a gift are you usually happy and confident that your gift is being used well to have the impact you intend it to have? 

We’re Here to Help
The questions I’ve shared above help to illustrate the types of considerations that, if addressed, can help a generous donor have a much more meaningful experience from charitable giving, and an experience that will bring about a great deal of satisfaction and positive feelings associated with giving. At the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada, we are honored to work with charitable donors to help you learn more about giving with the aim of ensuring a great experience while making a true impact on people’s lives from philanthropy. 

These are just some of the considerations we like to examine in connection with personal philanthropy. If you, a friend, or a client have not experienced this kind of thoughtful and informed charitable giving and would like our help, please give us a call. We are here to help. 

The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada is strengthening our community through philanthropy and leadership by connecting people who care with causes that matter. 

If you'd like more information, call (775) 333-5499 or email here.

July 17, 2021