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Plans for the Next Two Years

Plans for the Next Two Years

The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada’s 5-Year Strategic Plan culminated in 2020.

I am delighted to share that we did well in achieving our goals. The plan for  2015-2020 involved a much wider breadth of goals for impact than we had envisioned in our first 15 years. We had not yet conceived of the extent that our community initiative work would come to fruition and only dreamed about the explosion of giving and granting that developed. This five-year plan was an evolving plan. We made adjustments quarterly as we implemented the strategies and tactics.  It was satisfying to check off completed items from our to-do list and add new tactics as we learned and grew.  The plan’s last two years focused on the remaining priorities that were more difficult or took longer to achieve.

During our 2021 Annual Board Retreat, the board and staff started a strategic plan focuses on a shorter timeframe of the next 12-24 months.

Our board is larger and more diverse than it was five years ago, and we have expanded our vision and, accordingly, our goals and reach.  As we know, success breeds success, and many of the goals we are now discussing are aspirational, but from experience, I think they are more are doable than we might now believe possible.  It is a bit early to share specifics about the plan. Generally, many of our goals now focus on Community Foundation operations, effective board and staff working relationships, and ensuring that we continue to grow - to increase grantmaking and community engagement.

The rubber hits the road in the Community Foundation Board Committees.

They include Executive, Finance, Nominating, Investment, Stewardship, Marketing, Development, Community Engagement, Audit, plus the Housing Advisory Group and DEI Task Force.  Each of these committees is led by a Board Committee Chair and by a professional staff member.  Board members and staff suggested strategic plan priorities for each of these committees. Now the committees are working on fine-tuning their new goals and strategies while continuing work and oversight on their core responsibilities. Clarifying aspirational goals and creating an effective strategic plan to reach them is a big job, a challenge this board and staff can handle.  We develop the strategic plan to fulfill our responsibility and create opportunities to make your community foundation even more impactful tomorrow.  I am excited by the passion that everyone on our team, paid, and volunteer has for our work. The developing plan is inspiring,  and I promise you that the next few years will be exciting.

Give me a call if you are considering creating your own charitable strategic plan.

The Community Foundation Philanthropic Advising team can help you, and your family if you wish, address the causes closest to your heart. Thoughtful and strategic philanthropy can create your legacy and make a lasting positive impact in our region. Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter