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One Truckee River - Take the River to Heart in 2016

The Truckee River connects us in Reno and Sparks and beyond. In recent years, recreational and shopping development along the River in Downtown Reno has brought life and vitality to our city. The trees along the river path shade walkers with strollers, joggers and the homeless. Kayaks surf the rapids, fly fisherman wade out and are joined by families who swim and raft, and ducks, beavers, and mink live along its shore. The Truckee River is the region’s premier resource.  As last summer’s drought dwindled the flow to a trickle, the Truckee River was the topic of daily conversation. I would like to add to the discussion, an important project concerning the River. Do you know about One Truckee River? One Truckee River is a management plan that will manage and protect the Truckee River across all jurisdictional boundaries. Nonprofit agencies, Nevada Land Trust, and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful are acting as lead agencies with the collaboration of many other groups from government, business, and the nonprofit sectors.  The vision for One Truckee River recognizes that how we all care for the Truckee River is linked to the health and well-being of the entire region. The plan will identify and address issues and challenges across all sectors and engage in both short-term and long-term projects to creatively and actively solve them.  The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is involved as a member of the core planning team. We are participating in subgroups working on funding and social challenges. Issues that the One Truckee River plan address fall under the categories of social, education, water quality, funding, stewardship, ecosystem, public safety, recreation, and quality of life.  Each category covers a myriad of issues that are not always obvious. For instance, social concerns include illegal camping, public health affected by human waste and sharps, personal safety, and the need in our community for more safe, pet-friendly shelter and housing. I encourage you to visit This comprehensive website, with beautiful river photos, includes a virtual river tour. You may click on any of 20 markers along the river map from Tahoe City to Nixon to see full-color photos of that area of the river. This in itself is an education, even for citizens like me, who love and enjoy the river regularly on foot and bicycle. Once on the website, join me and sign the One Truckee River Pledge. “In 2016, I pledge to do my part in promoting a clean, thriving, sustainable Truckee River community for the benefit of current and future generations.”  Chris Askin, President and CEO Community Foundation of Western Nevada