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Lyndsey Crossley Promoted, Felicia Ladson Hired as Executive Assistant

Relationships Matter.

I recall an unusual question that came up during a conversation with a prospective donor many years ago.  I was asked for the first time, “How long will you be with the Community Foundation?”  At one hand it was a compliment, yet also it showed wariness.  I was pleased to answer that I planned to be here for many years to come.  In that moment, I also began strategizing how in the future, we recognize, value, and focus on long-term relationships with those individuals and organizations who trust the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to meet their needs. As the Community Foundation has grown we have more opportunities to hire and train staff who are early in their careers, who will be here for decades to come.  Internally and externally our staff training, support, engagement, and empowerment is focused on building a high degree of professionalism and service. My goal is that if anyone is asked how long they plan to work at the Community Foundation, they will answer with a big and enthusiastic smile that they plan to be here for many years to come! In keeping with this subject, I am very pleased to introduce my new Executive Assistant, Felicia Ladson.  Felicia graduated with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, in General Studies then completed her MBA in Health Care Management at the University of Phoenix.  Originally from Alameda, Felicia has been a resident of Reno for almost 20 years.  She has an affinity for charities that support young women, help with children’s health issues, help with mental health issues, and also likes charities that help with pets.  When not working or tending to family needs, Felicia likes to exercise and run, and is a voracious reader, devouring between 30 to 70 books each year.  Felicia has a delightful personality and is smart and ambitious.  She is a wonderful addition to our staff team and will be working closely with the Board, and providing oversight for events, in addition to working very closely with me. The Executive Assistant position was open because Lyndsey Crossley was promoted to Associate Program Officer.  Lyndsey has been with the Community Foundation for almost four years and she has been a godsend to me.  Her leadership during our office move, in building and organizing the Board, in running the office and implementing our new database system, in launching initiatives with me four years ago, and much more, has been amazing.  Lyndsey has an incredibly deep understanding of the operations of the Community Foundation, and likely knows more of our Board, fundholders, and other contacts than anyone else because she was the first point of contact for the past several years.  You probably know Lyndsey.  As Associate Program Officer, Lyndsey will be working with fundholders on the administration of philanthropy.  I couldn’t be prouder, nor more excited about the future, thanks to Lyndsey and her excellent work.  If you ask Lyndsey how long she’ll be here I hope she answers, “For many years to come.” Should we be able to help you with any of your philanthropic or community leadership needs, please give us a call.  You’ll have a chance to welcome Felicia when she answers your call. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter