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Legacy Society Members Make an Impact Close to Home and Far Away


The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada sends most grants to organizations relatively close to home. We enjoy and cultivate relationships with local nonprofits and specialize in local giving.

But what if you recently moved to Northern Nevada from another community or are currently living outside the State? What if your life’s passions include people and places in the far-away countries across the globe?

The Community Foundation philanthropic advising team makes it a priority to research and learn about the causes you care about. For example, we have become experts in disaster philanthropy. We have helped fundholders make a real impact after an earthquake in Afghanistan, Hurricanes in North America, and fires in Australia and California. If fundholders care about a cause, our philanthropic advisors learn about it. This commitment to learning and to impactful grantmaking extends across geography and time. Both are important to consider when creating an endowed Legacy fund.

A few months ago, we learned we would receive a bequest from a forward-thinking, generous Nevadan whose generosity will reach South Africa.

Jill Winter had already included generous gifts to her Nevada civic and educational passions in her charitable plans when she walked into our office 16 years ago. In addition, she decided to act on her life’s deep values by creating a Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation. The Jill M. Winter Foundation will mail its first grants next year to both local and international organizations.

Donors who establish Legacy funds with the Community Foundation feel confident their charitable dollars will impact their chosen causes.

Our donor services team will check that each of the charities named is in good standing and is eligible to receive the grants. If you wish, grants from your fund can require expenditure reporting or program updates and photos that we can use to share your legacy.  Suppose you have a broad cause you want to support, such as women and children, animals, conservation, or homelessness. In that case, you may leave it to our team of experts to decide the grants or, if you wish, name advisors to a grant advisory committee. Jill’s charitable plans will be carried out exactly as she intended. We are honored to continue her contributions and extend her caring heart here in the Truckee Meadows of Nevada and in the communities, the plateaus, and mountains of South Africa.

Do you want to make a change in the world or right here in your neighborhood? Call Lyndsey Crossley at 775-333-5499 ex 12 and talk about your charitable dreams. A Legacy Fund could be the most significant gift you will ever make. It is the gift of your lifetime.