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Legacy Funds - What is Your Why

Have you ever stopped to take a moment to think about what is most important to you and what your top values are?

Do you have a philosophy of life you would like to share with your family? Now, have you ever thought about how you want those values or your philosophy of life carried on in your name after you’ve passed away? Legacy Funds at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada will do just that; allowing you to develop a future giving plan, today. Every legacy plan established is personalized to you. We can work together to determine the type of legacy fund that best communicates your values, achieves your charitable goals, that makes sense financially, and minimizes estate taxes.

More than 100 individuals and families have joined the Community Foundation’s Legacy Society by making arrangements for legacy funds.

Since last year at this time, we have welcomed eight new Legacy Society members. Each of them has a specific cause or interest they have pledged to support through a gift of their estate.  The donors’ contributions and bequests range from stock, retirement accounts, and real property that will fund causes such as supporting veterans, local nonprofits providing environmental science education, and music education scholarships.

Everyone who comes to the Community Foundation has their own story and reason for why they want to establish a legacy fund and why they want to support the causes and organizations they include within their plan.

What is your why? Whatever it is, from helping ensure the arts and culture within our community thrive or supporting first-generation college students studying a specific trade, I want to learn about it and help you develop a giving plan that will carry your values forward. I welcome you to call with any questions you may have about leaving a legacy gift through your estate plan, and I look forward to the opportunity to help ensure your legacy reflects your values and goals. It is the gift of a lifetime. Lyndsey Crossley, Program Officer