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Langson Family Fund Dental Grant

One Family's Concern Brought Bright Smiles to 75 Small Faces

The young adults of the Langson family from Carson City were given an extraordinary gift. Their uncle, living in California, established a family donor advised fund and appointed five cousins to be the donor-advisors. The cousins met together over pizza at the Foundation office to discuss where their charitable interests lay and how to best make grants that effectively accomplished their mission. After the Langsons decided they wanted to encourage dental health in our community’s children, the Foundation set about helping them find the right program to receive their gift. We created and broadcast an RFP (request for proposals) to human service and health organizations in our area outlining the family’s interests and budget. When the proposals were returned, the cousins met again for lunch (again pizza) and discussed the possibilities proposed. They settled on giving generous gifts to The Boys and Girls Club for their Cavity Free Zone program and to the HAWC (Health Access Washoe County) a program for children’s dental services. The gift to HAWC will enable 75 low income children to receive much needed care. The Foundation is delighted to have been able to provide creative and interesting choices for dental programs to the Langson family. They are pleased with their grant choices, and know that their recommended grants are doing exactly what they envisioned. We look forward to helping them realize their charitable vision as it grows and changes, again and again.