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KNPB's important role in business and philanthropic communities

Briefly by Kurt Mische, CEO,  KNPB As the region’s PBS member station, KNPB plays an important role in the business and philanthropic communities. We understand the for-profit sector has vitally important work to do in operating profitably, with a good return on the investment of shareholders, staying ahead of trends and providing employment, growth, and security to our region. The not-for-profit community plays an equally vital role in providing services that the for-profit sector cannot do and is not equipped to do.  The not-for-profit sector of our economy adds some of the flavor and color, not to mention important services to all. Helping those who are down on their luck, fighting dread diseases, providing arts, culture, and education, feeding those who are hungry and reaching out with a helping hand benefits all of us, directly and indirectly, strengthening us as a community. As a television station, KNPB reaches 140,000 people 5,000 square mile area that includes central and northern Nevada and northeastern California…people with needs, hopes for their communities and opportunities to enhance their lives.  We compete for viewers on all our platforms and seek to build our viewing audience by providing ever more innovative programs and services to our region.  As a not-for-profit public television station, we provide a “face” and “voice” to our fellow not-for-profits as well as the business community.  KNPB presents programs that offer lifelong learning opportunities from the youngest to the most senior.  And our off-air education services touched over 30,000 students in the last school year with in-classroom workshops that encourage literacy and excitement when it comes to learning. All of this is provided without charge. KNPB can be watched without cost by anyone with a working television set.  But just because there is no charge does not mean our service is free.  We actively engage in all levels of philanthropy because that is how we raise 80% of our annual operating budget.  By encouraging charitable giving on and off the air, we work to raise the tide for all of our non-profit colleagues.  We encourage gifts of all sizes and types not only to KNPB but to other not-for-profits as well.  In fact, our popular estate planning classes, presented in cooperation with the Community Foundation and offered twice each year, are sponsored by a dozen not-for-profit organizations who depend on philanthropic gifts to provide the funds that allow them to do the critically important work that benefits us all. KNPB takes the unique responsibility of having one foot in the business community and the other in the not-for-profit community seriously.  As we work together to enrich our lives by building our business community and the not-for-profit sector, all of us will benefit and enjoy an even brighter future.