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Jim Pfrommer was a Visionary, a Catalyst, a Leader and our Friend

The Community Foundation is grieving for Board Chair Jim Pfrommer, who died Sunday, February 3, 2019. Jim began his service with the  Community Foundation in 2008, became a Trustee in 2010, and has served as Chair since 2016. Jim was a leader who was realistic about who we are, as a community, our strengths and our weaknesses. He selflessly and tirelessly devoted his time, energy, and considerable resources to the leadership of the Community Foundation Board. His tenacity in finding solutions was something to be respected. There has never been a time when he simply said, 'no, that is impossible', if he saw a need, he found a way to make it happen. His character was bar none and he treated all people in our community with the same amount of respect and care regardless of their backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, or age. Jim’s ability to connect people and resources was masterful; he wasn't simply an idea person, he brought resources together to make things happen. Beyond serving as the sixth board chair in our organization’s history, Jim made a huge mark as he challenged the board and staff to take action, focusing our resources on addressing the acute housing shortage in the community.  He saw things through, digging in when projects became difficult or complicated and worked with Community Foundation staff and volunteers at regular 8 A.M. meetings in addition to the many noon meetings of the Community Foundation Board committees. He had an impressive tolerance for office coffee and deli sandwiches.  Jim’s passion was contagious, leading to the formation of the Community Housing Land Trust, and taking on the development of the Village on Sage Street.  But what is to come will be a huge part of Jim’s legacy.  We are working on three more potential properties for the development of housing that can be bought by low-income working families, and other strategies to develop, and to preserve affordable housing. Jim was a visionary, a catalyst, a leader and our friend.  For me personally, Jim was a close friend and we have many plans in place to help people in our community, and not all of it is housing.  We spent personal time together as well at rock concerts, dinners, and sometimes enjoying a nice scotch.  As many people have said regarding Jim’s sudden passing, “There are no words.” Jim was a doer, and as humble as they come.  Please join me in celebrating the amazing and impactful life of Mr. Jim Pfrommer.  He has made a real positive difference in the world, particularly in our small part of the world. Jim was passionate about education.  He asked that any memorial contributions be directed to the GIAR Scholarship  he established with his wife, Gail, to honor their grandmothers, or to the Reno Rotary Scholarship.