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I Miss Elizabeth Mollath

I miss Elizabeth Mollath. She was one of the finest people I have known. I met Elizabeth because she was our Landlady at the office the Community Foundation rented on the corner of  Arlington and Plumb Lane. The building was surrounded by mature trees that shaded the parking lot; it had a small pond that was home to a spring-time duck family, frogs, and the occasional turtle. Many Board members’ Community Foundation portraits were taken in the shade by that pond. Elizabeth supported the Community Foundation’s mission in a variety of ways. During our 15 years in the office, Elizabeth never raised the rent. When we re-decorated, she paid for the painting. As the Community Foundation grew, she put in new office walls to accommodate the expanding staff. We enjoyed her quiet, open spirit and pleasant smile. She could be found on mornings talking with the grounds crew, occasionally with a rake in hand. Elizabeth and a son or grandson stopped by the office during the holidays to exchange greetings and drop off a stunning poinsettia and chocolate each year. All the tenants in the building loved her, and she and her family constantly were making improvements to the buildings and the grounds. Elizabeth was not known by most of our Board and fundholders because she didn’t attend the meetings and parties. I offered to pick her up and bring her, but she declined saying she loved what we did but was done with going to parties. She was a friendly person, open and straightforward, comfortable with simple things and the outdoors. Elizabeth embodied many of the good qualities of Nevada women of her age. Elizabeth died early this year, and the Linton A. Mollath Endowment (named after her husband) was generously funded in August. The fund specifies her suggested charitable causes, although she made it clear that her son and grandsons should choose charities to support that they love and that their preference on where to give is most important. That desire to connect her family with their charitable interests reflect her true unassuming nature. Her family will meet annually to decide upon grants that will be distributed after the first of each year. The grants will go out in memory of her beloved Linton. As I see those grants going out, I and others who knew Elizabeth will remember her grace and generosity and feel grateful to have known her and to be able to carry out her Legacy.