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Great Grants that Affect Us All

With more than $100 million in grants distributed for a wide variety of causes by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, it is fun to think about a grant that makes our lives just a bit better in a way you might not expect. One of the generous families that does their charitable giving through the Community Foundation had an unusual request back in 2007.  The family enjoyed watching the Nightly Business Report and the News Hour on KNPB – Channel 5.  They appreciated the uninterrupted shows and asked whether they could make a grant to KNPB that would eliminate the fund drive spots made periodically during each show. KNPB was delighted to work with the Community Foundation and beginning in that year, all viewers enjoyed those broadcasts without interruption for the purpose of any local, regional, or national fund drives.  KNPB simply said that thanks to “an anonymous donor” no fund drives broadcasting fund drive requests interrupting those shows. I love KNPB programming, and so does our donor, and it was indeed a pleasure for me to watch and enjoy those programs without interruption.  Until now we have not shared this grant information.  The donor continued to make annual gifts even increasing them dramatically to KNPB’s benefit, through 2014. That year the donor had quadrupled their support to $100,000, a very generous gift indeed, that benefiting all viewers.

The Truckee River Fund Grants affect the entire region.

As the Community Foundation has made more than 6,800 grants over the past 19 years, it is impossible for the community to fully know or understand all the ways these grants have improved our lives.  For example, the Truckee River is vital to our region, and over the past few years we have seen the parks, tributaries, and pathways along the river improved.  The number of residents who visit and use the river for recreational activities has increased dramatically.  Behind the scenes in this transformation, the Community Foundation has granted more than $11 million dollars through more than 180 grants to improve the water quality and address issues that affect the river, through the Truckee River Fund.  As with many other of the Community Foundation’s grant programs, separate websites are maintained to help educate the community about the work being done.  The Truckee River Fund website includes detailed information about these grants and can be viewed through this link. The story of the Community Foundation is a story of generosity and impact, of collaboration, investigation, due diligence, strategic alliances, and of community.  Each of the 6,800 grants has a story, an audience, and a result that changed lives.  To learn more, please give us a call. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter