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Good News When We Need It

Pavillion 2021

I am happy to report on four pieces of much needed good news this week.

The positivity and real impact on our community inspired and uplifted me.

A large outdoor pavilion for Village on Sage Street

Situated on the central grass and outdoor fireplace patio gathering area, the last remaining component of the Village on Sage Street construction is nearing completion. Residents will enjoy the pavilion as a place to gather under, for cooling shade in summer, and for protection from the elements in winter. Last year Clark/Sullivan stepped up in partnership with the Associated General Contractors Association to donate this much wished-for amenity to the Village residents. Following the design and permitting, the construction was nearly completed shortly after Christmas. Once the roof is finished, outdoor tables and seating for 32 people will be installed.

A generous gift to the Community Foundation Operating Fund

2020 was a tough year for us as it has been for many businesses and charities. During the holidays, one of our past board members sent in the most generous gift to support our operations. Their gift helped us balance our budget for the year! As with many charities, we have experienced financial challenges due to the pandemic. With community needs at the forefront of our work, we combined careful planning and faith to not only to maintain but to increase our work and support those in need. I was astounded and grateful to receive this gift.

Tribute to the COVID-19 Relief Fund

A lovely person held a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to support the COVID-19 Relief Fund. The Community Foundation received the fundraiser gift this week, and we are grateful for her effort and honored to be her selected charity. On her page, she asked for donations to be made to the Community Foundation because our mission means a lot to her, and she linked to an article I had written a few years ago about Community Foundations. After rereading the article, I was reminded again of how important and unique our work is, and I hope you will click this link to read it: Promise of Community Foundations

Construction launch of 10 workforce homes

Groundbreaking begins in February to construct 10 homes to be sold through the Community Housing Land Trust to working families at below-market rates. Although we have spent two years planning, we have been relatively quiet about the next phase of our housing work. I feel we are taking a huge and unique step. Other communities nationwide have land trusts that help people buy and own their first property, but the Community Housing Land Trust is a first for northern Nevada. Look for more information as the project progresses, and I am glad to share this great news today.

None of this work and good news would be possible without donors and fundholders and our service to them, which is at the Community Foundation's core. These generous people are our fuel, our partners, and our inspiration. As one of our fundholders likes to say, “Every day, it is all about gratitude for the great things all around us.”

Please join me in celebrating the good news right here in our community that we don’t necessarily hear every day. If you would like to be part of the positive action and impact and give us the honor of helping you with your philanthropy, please give me a call.

Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499

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