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Giving is Easy when Giving through the Community Foundation

One of the most important aspects of giving through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada is that we make giving easy, and effective. Giving seems easy when you write a check.  All you need to do is get a receipt for your taxes. But from hundreds of conversations, I know that writing a check is not the most effective way to give. Would you like to talk about your giving plans while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea? That’s really easy, and that’s how we begin a relationship. In an informal setting, we can get to know each other and discuss what means most to you.  Identifying your goals, that’s where the planning begins, and that’s the hardest part of effective charitable giving. You can find a list of our services on our website,  These services are provided to all of Community Foundation fundholders at no extra cost.  When comparing our services to those of commercial donor-advised funds such as Fidelity, The Community Foundation offers much more bang for your charitable buck.  Check out this link and you’ll see what I mean.  Nonprofit research, site visits, grant management, facilitating family meetings, accepting unusual assets as gifts, and working with your professional advisor to write an estate giving plan that fully reflects your wishes. These are all unique to our toolkit and simply aren’t available elsewhere, at the super low rates in our fee structure.  When you become a fundholder with the Community Foundation, you are supporting our community work, making this place better for all of us, and for future generations. This is a benefit unique to working with community foundations. The Community Foundation is here, and growing, and serving our region, thanks to individuals who use our charitable services.  Thank you!!! Here is an example of a valuable service available to donors.  The Community Foundation distributes international grants from donor-advised funds.  International grants require extra work, due diligence, and compliance with the IRS expenditure rules.  We make interesting international grants for our fundholders, with great pleasure, at no extra fee.  Earlier this year a local CPA commented that his clients are not able to take charitable deductions for international donations. That is simply not true for families who work with and through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Contributions to your Community Foundation donor advised fund are tax deductible. Considering making a gift of a percentage of real property prior to a sale to offset capital gains?  We can do that.  Would you like to give a multi-year grant to a charity and require annual reporting?  We can make it happen.  If you want to donate restricted stock or stock options, we can accept them.  Is your family interested in meeting together in private sessions to help grandchildren learn how to make meaningful grants? We will facilitate them. It’s amazing how together, over a cup of coffee or tea, we can change the world for the better. It is easier than you think. By involving the Community Foundation, you learn about and can take advantage of tax and timing advantages and get greater impact than otherwise possible. We are your Community Foundation, and it is our privilege to serve.  If we can help, please give me a call at 775-333-5499. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter