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Family Estate Planning Series On Zoom Spring 2021

Estate Planning

Is Your House in Order?

For most of us, thinking about and planning for our estate after our demise is not something we want to do. We avoid it even though it is certain that none of us is getting out of this alive.

The Family Estate Planning Series is an informative and lighthearted way to approach long-term, end of life and estate planning privately, anonymously, and for free.

To help the community with this vital planning step, the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada partnered with PBS Reno and area charities to sponsor a comprehensive program for residents. Over the last 12 years, more than 1,200 people have taken this class.

You can participate from the safety of your home.

The Series is taught over eight consecutive weeks live over Zoom. Each workshop is live and presented by volunteer experts in their field. It runs on Wednesdays from March 17th to May 5th from 10:30 am-noon or 1:30 pm-3 pm. I promise you that nobody will solicit you, and neither the charity sponsors nor presenters will receive your contact information. The reviews from past participants are outstanding. The Family Estate Planning Series is a chance for you to understand your estate options better, to collect information, and gather your thoughts before you speak with an attorney. You can see details about the Series on our website.

So, why is this class offered if nobody is trying to sell you anything?

The reason is that many people pass without having estate documents, leaving the disposition of their estate to the State of Nevada. Many people would prefer to leave a portion of their estate to a charity to help others but haven’t written down their instructions. Along with presentations about estate planning, mostly by attorneys volunteering their time, charity sponsors will share information about their work. Charities will not request donations and their presentations are very brief.

In addition to the live Series (which includes time for questions), we filmed an online version of the workshops, which you can access at any time.

The online Series is offered so people unable to participate during the day can watch at their convenience. Also, we wanted to be sure that residents in rural parts of Nevada could participate in the program. You can view the classes in order or by topic through this link. I encourage you to participate and take charge of your estate. Attendees have ranged from individuals with small estates to those with significant assets, and all have taken away useful information.

Register and receive your free Zoom Link by calling the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499 or email Jamie Klund at

Give me a call if I can help you plan a gift to the Community Foundation in your will or trust. We can help you give a lasting gift to the causes you care about most.

Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499

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