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Email Discussion Group Stories August 2020 Update

"We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another." - Kristen Welch

Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group  

The Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group is a virtual forum for family caregivers to connect with caregivers to start a discussion, ask questions, and give advice on caregiving-related topics.

Below are some stories family caregivers have shared: 

On isolation: 

"Thank you for listening. In the last few weeks, as we learn how necessary social distancing is, isolation has become a big factor. The days of the week seem to have become any/every day. As we are all touched by what is becoming more known about the known, it's often easy to sit and dwell on things. I've been seeing people and finding myself procrastinating. My wife and I have been saving some money in a separate account, just in case. Just before the Coronavirus, we lost our son-in-law. He'd been very ill for years. Nothing had been pre-planned or paid for. Needless to say, lots of heartache and stress. Instead of procrastinating on a very important, emotional subject, I discussed with my wife the opportunity to check three places that do cremation, which we had decided for the both of us and pre-pay for what we want with the money we'd saved. Eliminating a lot of stress and unnecessary anxiety. Instead of the everyday nagging knowing that we should do something. Now it is done and a great burden off all our shoulders."

On grief:

"I honor my past husband by continuing to support the projects we supported when he was alive, which include endowed scholarships for nurses at both UNR and TMCC. Other than that, because we had over 64 years of friendship and marriage, he is a part of my thoughts. I share memories with children and grandchildren on a regular basis, and quietly discuss things with him in my mind."

Read other stories and share your caregiving experiences by joining the email discussion group. There is no cost to become a member.
Sign up at or call 775-333-5499. 

2019 Impact Report Blog  

Luiza Benisano wrote a new blog on the Community Foundation's 2019 Impact Report. The blog gives you a closer look at how the Caregiver Support Initiative made an impact in the community. To learn more, click here:

Nevada Virtual Respite Summit

Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Coalition is hosting the Nevada Virtual Respite Summit, a free event on Thursday, Aug. 27 from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and Friday, Aug. 28 from 8:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. featuring expert speakers from every corner of the state and a special keynote address from Jill Kagan, Program Director ARCH National Respite Network & Resource Center. Attendees will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas, offer input, and seek out viewpoints from a community of learners who are all helping to shape the future of respite care in Nevada. To register, click here:   

We will get through this together

Thank you for your involvement in the Caregiver Support Initiative. We are working to keep connections close while community members physically distance.