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Earning Trust - Honoring a Legacy

The Community Foundation received an estate distribution from a client of  Reno Attorney, dog-austrailian-shepherdGordon Muir. The client included the  Community Foundation as one of the beneficiary charities in his estate plans.  The directions from the gift asked that we use the money to help take care of animals. Community Foundation Stewardship staff created a simple request for proposals for grants of up to $10,000 and sent it to animal rescue or care nonprofit organizations in rural northern Nevada. One of the Request for Proposals went to LASSO, Local Animal Shelter Support Organization of Elko. LASSO raises fund to support Elko's animal shelter and the Dumke-Weeks Spay/Neuter Clinic.  The Elko shelter operates with the help of a volunteer veterinarian, Dr. William Wright, and a contracted part-time veterinarian. Karen Walther, Elko Animal Shelter Manager, responded with a request for a $10,000 grant to help fund a permanent part-time veterinarian for the shelter and to head the surgical team at the spay-neuter clinic. This grant allows LASSO to match City of Elko's dollars and locally raised funds to make the part-time veterinarian position permanent, providing stability into the future. Affordable, healthy animals that are already spayed/neutered are crucial to successful adoption rates. In addition to the LASSO grant, Safe Haven Rescue Kennels in Yerington Nevada received $10,000 to replace its typical dog house kennels with cottages and a yard configured to be more "home-like." The cottage and privacy fencing give the resident dogs a way to escape the anxiety and stress levels triggered by visual stimulation of dogs, strangers, or activities from the other enclosures. The new social area enclosure will also provide dogs the ability to be introduced at Safe Haven without distraction. This is important for everyone in a meet and greet situation when strange dogs are introduced. Our Legacy Donor's thoughtful bequest makes sure that the animals at the Elko Shelter will receive top-notch medical care, will be spayed or neutered, and will be microchipped before leaving for their adopted homes. We believe our Legacy Donor would feel great satisfaction knowing that because of his gift the animals at the Safe Haven Shelter will be more comfortable and adoptable.