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The Dorms on Sage Street - Envision the Realty

What does the term Dorms mean to you? Maybe you think of a series of rooms filled with bunk beds, or a long room arranged like barracks.  I picture a shared college dorm room and have warm feelings for those days.  Now imagine a private room, your own space, where you have the only key. In the room, you have a nice bed, a desk, and closet. Sunlight is streaming in from the window you just opened. You could adjust your own climate controls or hook up to the provided cable internet and wifi. The bathroom facilities will be limited to the other people living in your hallway. This dorm room looks over landscaped grounds and is in a complex that includes a central meeting room, a laundry space, a kitchen space, outdoor bar-b-que area, fire pit, and even a dog park area.  Your car is parked within the fenced grounds in a safe area. This place could be available for 30% or less of your income even if you earn minimum wage.  This is our vision for the Dorms on Sage Street.  And, we’re trying to make this happen before the snow flies. What does it take to qualify to move in? Residents will need an income of about $1,300 a month (equal to $8.25 an hour for four weeks work). They must pass a criminal record check and have basic references.  The Dorms on Sage Street is housing for those who are working hard but can’t afford a place of their own.  This is housing that will give people the chance to get ahead, to save up a bit, to get support and advice, to transition to the next step of their dream or goals. I would be remiss if I didn’t ask for your help.  Will you help make the vision a reality? For the Dorms on Sage Street to open by winter so 200 people will have a home by the time the snow flies we need to raise at least $2.9 million and preferably $4.25 million. Here is some basic information regarding this project:
  • The first $1million is needed no later than July 4.
  • The money will be used to transport the modular structures from Wyoming to Reno, for disassembly then reassembly, utilities and hook-ups, site preparation and improvements.
  • Volunteers of America will run the operating. They will process the applications, screen, and select the residents, handle maintenance and upgrades, and coordinate services
  • The City of Reno chose this site and is transferring ownership to the Community Foundation’s Community Housing Land Trust to be used for affordable housing.
The Dorms on Sage Street is a community project. Public, private, and social entities are coming together to capitalize on the availability of the dorm structures and create a bridge housing solution. The City of Reno, EDAWN, Volunteers of America, the Abbi Agency and private developers are working with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to make this happen.  The Community Foundation is the hub for the collaborating partners and donors and owns the land under the Community Housing Land Trust. Join us as we work together to make this vision a reality. If you want to help or connect the Community Foundation with someone who can, please call me. Chris Askin, President and CEO, 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter