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Community Foundation of Western Nevada Board is the Best in Northern Nevada

One of the best ways to tell how well an organization is administered is to look at its Board.  Fortunately, most organization's websites show this information, usually in the “About” page.  You can also view the Board roster on the nonprofit's tax return, available through There are best practices for an effective board membership.
  • I believe no organization should have a board of fewer than seven members.  Preferably, a nonprofit board should be made up of 12 or more people, as a good size Board ensures the organization is not closely controlled.
  • When you look at the people on the Board, you should recognize a few people. Good Board members who are well-known would not allow their reputation to be sullied by being involved with an organization that is not well-run.
  • And, of course, every member of the Board should be a donor to the organization.

I am incredibly proud of our Board.

You can see our Trustees and Advisory Board members photos on our website.  I’m sure you will recognize many of them, and may personally know a few members.  These are people who are smart, engaged, giving, and trusted.  They are great leaders in our community, and we’re grateful for their time, expertise, and charitable support. The Community Foundation Board terms began in July.  Trustees serve up to three 3-year terms. Don Sefton owner of Systems Consultants in Fallon, Dave Stockman of the Stillwater Foundation, and Steve Carrick Senior Vice President Operations Administration at Heritage Bank of Nevada were elected as Trustees.   They have all been amazing members of our Advisory Board, and  I am thrilled they agreed to become Trustees. New Advisory Board members will be their expertise to our various committees. Joining the Finance Committee are Elaine Alexander CPA and Drew Aguilar CPA. Kerry Kozlowski of Cornerstone Advisors has joined the Investment Committee.  New members to the Development Committee include Dan Ahearn, MD, Bonnie Drinkwater, Attorney at Law, Beau Keenan, Broker/Owner Dickson Realty, Todd Plimpton, Attorney at Law, Magali Rivera, community volunteer and Julie Ardito, Senior Director, Advancement and Engagement, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. These new Board members are the next wave of leadership at the Community Foundation.  These are the people who will be leading our committees, becoming officers, and ensuring that the Community Foundation fulfills the wishes of donors, engages the community, and positively impacts thousands of lives in Northern Nevada. If you have questions about how the governance structure is organized at the Community Foundation, or wish for help or advice with a nonprofit board, please give me a call.  And, if you are a donor or professional advisor, involved with current or estate giving, rest assured that the Community Foundation of Western Nevada is guided by, perhaps, the best Board in northern Nevada. Chris Askin, President, and CEO 775-333-5499 Connecting people who care with causes that matter