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The Community Foundation Tradition of Service

I am proud to share that last Monday marked 20 years for me with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.  My profound thanks go out to thousands of donors, hundreds of fundholders, about two dozen staff members I’ve had the privilege of working with, and more than 100 incredible leaders who have served on our Board.  I am heart struck with the honor of this position. As our staff gathered on Monday to celebrate with me, I spoke about the tradition of service at the Community Foundation.  Together we acknowledged fundholders’ visions, and the great lengths we go to accommodate their gifts. The Community Foundation during my 20 years has:
  • Received dozens of real property gifts,
  • Established sub-entities to hold mineral rights, closely-held stock, and company interests,
  • Invested in land, affordable housing, beach houses, art, even a rare violin, and
  • Served as trustee of charitable trusts, and executor of estates.
We consider no job too big, too difficult, or too complex. My goal shared by our Board and Staff is to transcend service and establish lifelong friendships. Indeed, we have made many good friends along the way.  We’ve worked with people to set up ethical wills and provided estate planning expertise free for more than 1,000 residents.  We’ve laughed and cried with thousands of people as we work, together, with the community to address our most persistent and important issues. As I gathered with staff on Monday, most much younger than me, I felt a great sense of optimism as I saw their sense of purpose for our mission. They will carry on the tradition of service to our fundholders, prospective donors, Legacy Society members, and the community.  Every day I feel the responsibility, and honor, of helping lead the Community Foundation, and I am reminded that it is a great privilege.  Thank you for making the Community Foundation the collaborative, impactful, and giving organization that it has become.  I am forever in your debt. And for all the father’s out there, best wishes for the best Father’s Day ever! Please give me a call at 775-333-5499 if you would like to meet and talk about your charitable vision. Chris Askin, President, and CEO PS – The Community Foundation office is open. We welcome visitors and prospective donors as we follow all appropriate COVID-19 safety measures.