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Community Foundation is Strong on Leadership and Governance

I am proud of the outstanding team leading the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.  From our Trustees (many featured in the picture above) to our Advisory Board members, to our staff team, we have a unique structure that lends itself to strong communication, decision making, and engagement. Most of the work at the Community Foundation is done at the committee level. Our standing board committees include Executive, Finance, Investment, Audit, Stewardship, Development, Community Leadership, and Marketing.  The Committee teams include 20 Trustees, 30 Advisory Board members, and 11 staff.  Committees are made up of professionals, marketing professionals are on the marketing committee, investment professionals on investment, CPA’s on audit, bankers and accountants on finance, etc.  The committees are highly effective and efficient. Committee chairs work closely with staff liaisons, and all committee chairs are members of the Board of Trustees. We find these relationships create strong communication up and down the line.  Our Board of Trustees work with a consent agenda and the meetings are somewhat brief.  The real work is done in our “All Board” meetings, and for those meetings, everyone on both boards has a voice, and a vote, including staff.  That is where we do our educational work with the board and all of our strategic planning and decision making. It takes a big team to tackle the opportunities and challenges we face as a community, and as a community foundation.  The Board volunteers represent our community through a diversity of age, geographic region, professions and skill set, ethnicity, and economic status. The Community Foundation Board is a generous giving team. 100% of the Board of Trustees contributes to the Community Foundation. They also give generously of their time and talent.  It takes an effort to engage everyone, but the Community Foundation could not be doing the work we are doing now, and would not be able to carry out the plans for our future support of the community, without an amazing leadership team. Please join me in recognizing our Board leadership. Take a moment to visit the Community Foundation Board and staff page to see who these impressive people are. We are here to serve the community, and to serve you.  It is our honor and our pleasure. Chris Askin, President, and CEO Connecting people who care with causes that matter

P.S. Please join us for: Caregivers in the Workforce: Balancing Life, Work, and Policy April 24, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Reno High School Theater Register Here