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Community Foundation Staff is a Coordinated, Dedicated Team

Last Thursday the Community Foundation staff met for our first monthly staff meeting of the year. After reviewing current priorities, each staff member shared their most recent and exciting work developments. As I listened, I was humbled and awe-struck by the professionalism and dedication evident in each one. The Community Foundation has a fantastic team. Lauren Rhenda, Program Associate, announced that scholarship applications are open. Lauren talked about her work to make sure that students throughout the region know about the opportunities and apply. Do you know of a student who needs a scholarship? Initiatives Associate, Sarah Jahr, shared about her work on the Caregiver Handbook and about FaceBook posts to connect you with Community Foundation initiatives. Lyndsey Crossley, Executive Assistant, relayed updates about relationship tracking using Salesforce. Gay Brown, Accountant, receipted about 200 separate gifts in the last two months totaling more than $7 million. In the same time, she processed hundreds of grants. Nick Tscheekar shared about the Senior Caregiver Initiative work with the University of Nevada, Reno and the Sanford Center for Aging to develop an on-line resource guide for caregivers. Communications Director, Margaret Stewart, talked about changes to Community Foundation social media platforms and Ginny Harding-Davis, Chief Advancement Officer, updated everyone on the progress of our Community Endowment Feasibility Study. Melissa Tschanz, Controller, reported on year-end financials and news on investment and audit committees. What is noteworthy about the Community Foundation team is that everyone is so skilled at what they do. The skill level is critical because we rely on each other to be effective within our own areas of responsibility. The team is organized so each of our individualized areas of work are coordinated and connected. Together we accomplish much more than we would if working in silos. Throughout the year, I have great admiration for our generous donors, the charitable organizations we fund, our dedicated and generous board members, the professional advisors who refer clients, and for living in this giving, caring, and vibrant community. But on this start of a new year, I am most grateful for the people I have the privilege of working with every day. They are inspiring. Chris Askin, President, and CEO 775-762-1932 P.S. Check out the Scholarships. The link takes you to a complete List of Scholarships Funds, the FAQ page, and the 16 Tips for Winning Scholarships! If you know of a high school senior who is looking for financial assistance, please email them this link. Connecting people who care with causes that matter