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The Community Foundation Serving Northern Nevada


At times over the last two decades, I have been amused by the difficulty people sometimes have remembering our name. I recognize that its length is part of the reason. Also, I think another factor is that most people in the region say Northern Nevada rather than Western Nevada when referring to our region.

I find "Western" kind of romantic. Still, as we expand our role to serve Elko, Eureka, Tonopah, and Winnemucca, it is time for a name that includes these communities. We anticipate that people seeking philanthropic services will recognize us more easily by specifying our region as Northern Nevada. 

After much consultation with staff and others, our board decided to change our name from the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to Community Foundation of Northern Nevada. 

Throughout 2021, you will likely continue to see the Western name on our printed stationery and the Northern name appear soon on digital materials as we transition without expensive waste. 

Since 2014 many more donors from communities outside the Truckee Meadows have established charitable funds and legacy plans. We now administer two affiliate funds, and an increasing pool of professional advisors and clients in Northern Nevada and northeast California, and beyond work with us regularly.  You may be interested to know that some fundholders keep their deep ties and their philanthropy in Nevada, even as they move away.  There is a growing pool of professional advisors and fundholders who live in northeastern California and rely on the Community Foundation for philanthropy expertise. We help our fundholders near and far make the most of their generosity in Nevada or the far corners of the world. 

I think it is safe to speculate that many people might not even notice this change, and our logo's single word change will be minimally noticeable. So, we are changing one word in our name to clarify our service region. Many more substantive positive changes happen as donors work with us to bring about transformative philanthropy to help those in need and make positive impacts throughout the region.

If you would like to make some positive changes yourself, give me a call. I look forward to a conversation to explore your charitable goals and how the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada can help you achieve them.

Chris Askin, President/CEO 775-333-5499

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