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A Community is Building at the Village on Sage Street

I stopped by the Village on Sage Street one evening last week at about 7 p.m. and it was buzzing.

As I drove up to the Village, I saw people coming and leaving, mostly by foot.  The entrance was secure, residents stopped at the gate and typed their code to gain entry.  People were carrying groceries, talking with each other, and it felt busy.  Inside the parking lot, which is very well lit, I saw more cars parked than I had seen before.  Two trees in the landscaped area by the office were decorated with Christmas lights and a warm glow shone from the windows of the buildings.

There are less than 100 rooms left to rent.

Soon space will begin to be limited. We plan to reach out to service providers and nonprofit organizations who make referrals, to suggest they tell clients that we will soon have a true waiting list.  People who can benefit from this safe, clean, dorm-style housing for $400 a month should call now to (775) 499-5198. It felt nice and warm in the recreation building, people were picking up their mail, some were lounging on the couch watching tv, and three people were using the treadmills and exercise equipment.  The dining hall was quieter,  a group was playing cards and enjoying beverages, while a few people in the back took advantage of the free Wi-Fi and worked quietly on their computers. I was on my way to the grand opening of the new Eddy House Youth Shelter on Willow Street, so I needed to move along, but on my way out, a young man carrying a bag of groceries swooped around the corner towards the front gate on his skateboard.  I felt a tremendous jolt of joy thinking about how the Village on Sage has become home to so many people with varied experiences and ages. They now have fewer worries about money, safety, and food, because our community came together to make something this big and wonderful happen.

As we approach the end of the year and holiday time with friends and family, consider the Village - which still needs your support, and the wonderful diverse group of people who live there.

Please join the generous people and companies on the Donor List linked below and help us finish off the funding of the Village on Sage Street. Thank you to the people who care - Thank you, Village on Sage Donors Happy Holidays, Chris Askin, President and CEO 775-333-5499