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Caregiver Support Initiative Update

Two Caregiver Support Initiative action items are nearing public release.
This is not a “one and done” effort. I believe this initiative will permanently change and improve the quality of life for people who, many quite suddenly, find themselves as the primary caregiver for someone. - Chris Askin, President, and CEO the Community Foundation of Western Nevada will be live by September 2017. The site, developed by the Community Foundation, the University of Nevada Sanford Center for Aging and the Savitt Medical Library. The site will contain easily searchable information on more than 300 local services available in the Truckee Meadows. Caregivers can search for local service providers and information about in-home, respite, and residential care, home modifications and medical equipment and financial and medical planning and much more.

Local caregivers and senior service providers tested a beta version of This is an exciting development as we heard from many caregivers that they desperately needed a current directory of local services and information for caregivers to seniors.  The testers responded with feedback and suggestions for easier navigation and better user friendliness. When the final website is ready to launch, with more than 300 local services listed and profiled, we feel it will be a much-appreciated resource for caregivers and service providers in our region. Washoe Caregiver Handbook Sarah Jahr, Initiatives Associate, is editing the Washoe Caregiver Guidebook and it will soon be ready to print. The Guidebook, written by expert volunteers from the Steering Committee, contains important information, suggestions for coping with caregiving challenges, and tips from current caregivers. We feel it will be a valuable help to those suddenly finding themselves a caregiver. Hospitals and care facilities discharge planners will distribute the free, local guidebook and they will be available at community centers.