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Caregiver Employee Toolkit - March 2019 Update

"It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives; nourish it then that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds." - Black Elk

Caregiver Employee Toolkit

At the Community Foundation, we learned that the impact of caregivers on the workforce is often ignored. Oftentimes, individuals that care for their loved ones don't realize they are caregivers, they think they are simply caring for a loved one. When we look carefully at working caregivers, their schedule does not fit neatly into clean blocks of time, working during the day, and taking care of their loved one at night. On top of that, we also know that finding caregiving resources and quality information can be quite daunting and challenging.

With that, we are pleased to announce that the Caregiver Employee Toolkit is complete and ready for your use!

The Caregiver Employee Toolkit explains what it means to be a caregiver and has an assessment tool for businesses to determine if they are a caregiver-friendly workplace. The Toolkit also serves as a guide for business owners so that they can determine if their businesses are a caregiver-friendly workplace. Our goal is to be able to reach 50 businesses this year and educate human resource personnel on how they can accommodate their caregiver employees. You can help us by sharing the Toolkit and introducing us to human resource personnel you know. If you are a business owner or work in human resources, we are happy to deliver copies of the Toolkit with your employees.

Remember To Take a Break!

It is easy to focus only on caregiving tasks and forget that you need to take care of yourself. Give yourself time each day to focus on your personal wellbeing.

Visit to learn more about the many other local resources listed to help caregivers.