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Bright Moments December 2020 Update

"The more loving we can be, the more powerful we become." - Silvia Hartmann   

Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group  

The Caregiver Support Initiative Email Discussion Group is a virtual forum for family caregivers to connect with caregivers to start a discussion, ask questions, and give advice on caregiving-related topics. Below are some stories family caregivers have shared: 

Topic: The best parts of caregiving:

"My silver lining is all that I have learned about myself and my mom. How all of the lessons in caregiving traversed into every other aspect of my life; patience, compassion, lack of guilt, priorities. 

I wouldn't trade the last 12 years for anything. And I'm still not done yet. Mom is going strong physically. Mentally, not so much."

"I actually enjoyed it all. I know when I wanted to run to get a cup of coffee. She didn't want me to leave. That was hard. I was only gone 10 minutes. That was hard. My favorite part is we laughed a lot. I miss her a lot." 

Read other stories and share your caregiving experiences by joining the email discussion group. There is no cost to become a member. Sign up at or call 775-333-5499. 

Caregiver During the Holidays Blog 

Luiza Benisano and Margaret Stewart wrote the blog, "Caregiving During the Holidays." The blog talks about how the holiday season can be a stressful time for caregivers more so now during the pandemic and with having to social distance from family and friends. 

The blog also covers tips for caregivers to ease loneliness this holiday season.

To read more, click here.