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Are You a Stakeholder?

On January 14th the Community Foundation will  convene stakeholders to have a conversation about helping homeless and runaway youth and aging-out foster youth.  As we’ve been meeting with people in the community and working with a dedicated group on the Initiative Steering Committee, we’ve been asked, "who is a stakeholder?" The young people addressed by the initiative are the primary stakeholders.  They are in this situation to varying degrees and understand the challenges they face and the needs they have. Other key stakeholders are: 1. Professionals and volunteers who have made helping these youth their life’s work. 2. Agencies and people who help by providing financial support. The key to engaging the community in this endeavor is to recognize that any person who cares about youth and helping youth is a stakeholder.  And you’re all invited to the conversation. The name of this initiative is the Youth Network Initiative, or “You’N-I” for short.  We will meet on January 14th at 5:30pm at the Boys & Girls Club on 9th Street.  Sandwiches will be served, and the meeting will begin by hearing from a panel of youth about the challenges they face.  Then, through facilitated discussions, you can share your thoughts and vision about a better future for our community's young people. Through a series of meetings to follow, we will delve deeper into learning about existing services for these youth, their needs, and ways we can help youth have better outcomes. The goal is to involve the entire community in this cause, build stronger connections, and help leverage new resources. We will look beyond quick fixes to identify and support innovative pilot projects focusing on solutions with staying power that achieve positive long-term results. Please help spread the word about this convening and, if you consider yourself a stakeholder because you care, please RSVP by calling the Foundation at 775-333-5499. 2014 will be a transitional year at the Foundation as we implement our expanded mission and act upon our values.  Our existing services will not be changing, but we will be doing more as our priorities and capacity have expanded. If you’d like to learn more or discuss any community needs or ideas, please give me a call. We make philanthropy simple, powerful, and effective. Chris Askin, President & CEO, 775.762.1932 or