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100 Percent Club Membership Inspires Confidence in Donors

[caption id="attachment_6207" align="alignleft" width="150"]???????????????????????????????????? Lauren Renda, Program Officer[/caption] Attention, nonprofits! Do you want to recognize your board for their financial contributions to support your efforts? Attention, board members! Do you sit on a nonprofit board that needs to turn in its 100% Board Giving application? Good news! There’s still time to submit your 100% Giving Board application for 2017 and become part of The 100 Percent Club. The 100% Giving Board Award recognizes the personal financial support each board member commits to the financial health of their nonprofit. This is an opportunity to go “above and beyond” in the scope of support and relationship between board members and the organizations they serve. Donors feel confident contributing to an organization when they know their commitment for financial support is shared by its Board. It has been incredible to see how the 100% Giving Board program has been woven into the culture of these organizations. We’ve been told that some staff members use this award as a tool to have a conversation with their Board members about the importance of giving to the organization. We also hear that organizations and their boards have made it a personal commitment to stay on this list year after year. First presented in 2008 (when just 13 charities received the award), the number of organizations qualifying for this award has dramatically increased since we began. Last year nearly 100 organizations led by 1,167 board members, contributed over $2.5 million to support their organizations. Does your organization qualify this year? Each organization receives a certificate to share with their board—with a star for each year they’ve received the award. Additionally, we had a logo designed that we share with each organization which they can proudly display on their websites and use in their communications pieces to highlight their boards’ commitment. We send this list of awarded organizations to donors, fund holders, community leaders, and other grant-making bodies in our area to make sure anyone and everyone knows these organizations and board members are working together for our community and personally demonstrate their belief in the work being done. The 100% Giving Board application is available here on; be sure to submit your nomination form by November 3, 2017, so you, too, can join all the nonprofits and their boards who support the cause and mission of their organizations by making an annual gift.