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The award-winning Village on Sage Street is open and 100% occupied. 216 low-income earning residents of Reno call the Village home.


Rent for a private dorm room is $400 a month. Details at Volunteers of America

In 2018 the Community Foundation was approached by private developers, Par Tolles and Allison Gorelick with a rare opportunity to acquire a former man camp in Wyoming to create modular dorm-style housing units at a fraction of their original price to turn into a dorm-style community that would rent for $400 a month.

Through a unique partnership with the City of Reno (which donated 4 acres of land in downtown Reno), builders, and the Volunteers of America led by the Community Foundation the Village on Sage was built and opened in August 2019.

Village on Sage Street is bridge housing that is a hand up, not a handout or a profit maker. A person earning $9 an hour is able to afford the $400 monthly rent and achieve savings goals. Any single adult who passes a background check and has an income of approximately $1,320 to $2,735 per month will meet the income qualifications for residency. While we expect the Village on Sage Street is bridge housing for most lodgers; there is no time limit on the length of residency.

Find out more about the people who live at Village on Sage Street
and read what they have to say about life in the Village.

Mani Nova- resident

Damian Knox – resident

Sharon Weigle -resident







It Takes a Community to Build this Village. Thank you, Donors.

Questions? Contact Chris Askin, President, and CEO at 775-333-5499 for details.