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An online resource guide, www.renoyouthnetwork.com was launched in September 2014 to helpryn.com youth and adults helping them, easily find service providers and resources. The website allows users to narrow their search according to their age, gender, and specific needs.

The two user groups of www. renoyouthnetwork.com are struggling young people ages 12-24 and anyone who may come in contact with youth. Through presentations with school counselors, local law ryn.comscreenshotenforcement, service providers, and city officials we are letting adults know where they can one-stop-shop for youth services. By distributing flyers to libraries, downtown motels, and thrift stores, we hope to spread the word to young people in need of help.


You may have even passed our billboards on Keystone and 4th Street!

If you are a young person looking for help, or if you know of someone who might benefit from this online resource, please visit www.renoyouthnetwork.com.

If you are a service provider and would like to be listed on the site, please register as a manager at www.renoyouthnetwork.com/manager, or contact Nick Tscheekar at 775-333-5499

Watch a Demonstration of renoyouthnetwork.com on video.