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Community Impact

The Community Foundation looks at not only what we do, we also review results to determine our impact and improve performance.

The Community Foundation started measuring its impact in 2017. We knew that he had done a lot, but needed to determine if our work was really making a difference. In 2018 we added evaluations to many areas – including the Caregiver Support Initiative, 100% Giving Board Award, and High School Giving Circle. Now evaluation guides our process.

2021 Impact Highlights

Village on Sage Street

  • 424 move ins from July 2019 – Year End 2021
  • 17% are veterans
  • 220 move outs from July 2019 – Year End 2021
  • People who move out stay at the Village for 7.8 months on average
  • 42% reduced debt
  • 14% increased income

Nonprofit Academy

  • 18 Executive Directors of area nonprofits participated in the year-long training
  • 91% increased knowledge in strategic planning
  • 67% increased knowledge about board development and engagement 

High School Giving Circle

  • 11 students participated from 9 Washoe County high schools
  • 100% would participate again or recommend the program to a friend
  • 100% are now more likely to donate to a nonprofit

Caregiver Support Initiative

  • 758 people visited (previously each month on average to find caregiver resources and information.
  • 20,391 Caregivers’ Guidebooks were distributed at more than 100 community locations since the start of the initiative. 

Family Estate Planning Series

  • Knowledge of estate planning increased by 75% on average.
  • 58% of participants are more likely to donate a portion of their estate to charity as a result of participating in the series
  • 96% of participants now feel more prepared to leave a better legacy for their families. 

Preventing Financial Scams Initiative

  • Produced 11 PSAs in partnership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) on how to protect yourself from email scams, notario fraud, puppy scams, and more. 
  • Videos were produced in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.
  • Published 20 editions of Scam Alerts & Tips, an e-newsletter that highlights scams happening in our community and shares tips on how you can stay safe. 


  • Reviewed 368 applications 
  • Awarded 215 students $723,085 from 34 different scholarship funds



Historical Impact

Community Foundation Initiatives have a far-reaching impact. While no longer active, The Youth Network Initiative was the impetus for change. Services for homeless youth have grown, organized, and are collaborating in Northern Nevada. Initiatives, activities, and grants are making a positive difference to our lives in Northern Nevada.