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Community Foundation of Western Nevada Launches Financial Abuse Initiative

We are seeking community engagement in the discovery phase of this initiative – Has someone tried to scam you?
Share Your Story –  Help Others.

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What is Financial Abuse?
Financial abuse takes many forms, including fraud, scams, and predatory loans. Nevadans such as the elderly and youth who are in foster care or are at-risk are impacted by financial abuse. During the Community Foundation initiative discovery phase, we are examining all forms of financial abuse and all affected populations. We will begin by engaging our community to identify the most prevalent forms of financial abuse.

stop financial abuseWhy Engage Our Community?

The Community Foundation is leading the Financial Abuse Initiative as a neutral convener. Most importantly, we need to hear from people who have been affected by financial abuse. Maybe someone tried to scam your parents or your neighbor. Perhaps someone you care about was impacted by fraud. Maybe you have been affected by financial abuse. If someone has tried to scam you or take your money, we want to know.

Share your story through this survey to help others.

Your privacy is important to us and you may remain anonymous if you wish. Nonprofit and service providers: you are encouraged to join us, especially those working to combat financial abuse.

How Prevalent is Financial Abuse in Nevada?

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, only one in 44 cases is reported.

1,305 cases of elder abuse in Washoe County were recorded by the Aging and Disability Services Division. Additionally, five cases of abuse were recorded by law enforcement. The perpetrators of elder abuse were spouses/partners, children, relatives, friends/neighbors, service providers, and strangers. There have even been reports of self-abuse as the victims were unaware of the harm, they were inflicting on themselves

The Community Foundation initiative process seeks to reveal and address an unmet need that will minimize the impact of financial abuse.