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Strengthening Our Community

The mission of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada is to strengthen our community by connecting people who care with causes that matter.


One of the Community Foundation’s six core values that guide our decision making and our strategies is that we are results-oriented. As the Community Foundation’s work expanded, board and staff members recognized the importance of analyzing, evaluating, and measuring our results.

Evaluation Guides Our Process

We suspected we were making an impact but needed the data to prove it. In 2018, the Community Foundation identified three steps to measuring impact:

  1. Community Engagement
    Engaging our community is the first step in creating impact. We are a neutral convener and have a place for everyone who cares.
  1. Action
    Community Engagement is incomplete without action. Next, we gather our community to develop tangible solutions.
  1. Evaluation
    Evaluation is the final step for measuring impact. What does the data show? The Community Foundation added evaluations to many community engagement activities in 2018 and 2019.

Download the Impact Report Highlights 2019.

The Impact Report is a summary of our results.

Each section describes not only what we did – but how our work made a difference. In the 2019 Impact Report, you will learn about what people achieved while living at the Village on Sage Street, how the Nonprofit Academy enhanced the skills of nonprofit executive directors, the ways the Caregiver Support Initiative reduced caregiver stress, and much more.

Corporate Philanthropy Partners

The Community Foundation would like to especially thank our Corporate Philanthropy Partners, who make our community engagement work possible. The Corporate Philanthropy Partners work together for the common good and help us make an impact.

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