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Farewell, Chris!

A montage of five photos of Chris Askin over the years.
Photos clockwise from top left: Chris with Founder Jim Webster, 2006 | Center: Business Photo, 2007 | At his desk in 2015 | 2021 Annual Meeting | Enjoying a gathering outside our offices, October 2021

Congrats, Chris, on literally making history for the Community Foundation

At Chris' retirement event, he was presented with a wonderful, custom-made memory box that includes a history-packed, leather-bound memory book, created as a labor of love by Nancy Fennell and her staff, Margaret Stewart, and Nora James.

(This is a big bunch of memories, so it may take a minute to load once clicked or expanded!)

Email us a farewell note or retirement wish
and we'll pass it along to Chris.

Read more from Chris in his farewell blog post, It's Been an Honor.

Read the September 2021 news release announcing Chris' retirement.

Follow Chris' travel adventures at his new website

Thank you to the entire Retirement Committee for the great retirement party for Chris in December: Nancy Fennell, Margaret Stewart,  Nora James, Kevin Melcher, Bruce James, Ron Zurek, Jennifer Satre, Norma Webster, Rebecca Dickson, John Boyd and Michelle Duggan, who join all of the staff and Board in wishing Chris well.


Chris Askin at wheel posing with beer of beer tap vehicle