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Front Page Elko Daily Free  Press

Front Page News announces talks to create Elko Affiliate Fund.
Elko residents are excited to create their town’s charitable fund with the Community Foundation.  An affiliate fund will accept current donations from residents, make giving complicated charitable gifts easier, and more importantly, be a place to house bequest gifts from wills and trust. It is these “Legacy Gifts” that will keep Elko vibrant for future generations.
 No more Nevada ghost towns.
Three Reasons Why Rural Nevada Communities Need an Affiliate Fund.
 1.    Residents serve on the Fund’s advisory board and use their unique knowledge of local issues to recommend grants.
2. No infrastructure is needed, and expense is kept to a minimum when the town’s fund is affiliated with a larger, regional community foundation.
3.    Families with large ranching, mining or agricultural landholdings live in Nevada’s rural communities.  A Community Endowment will benefit residents through boom and bust.


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