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Over the last two years the Foundation has expanded our work as part of our growth and ability to really make a difference in northern Nevada.  We have done so because our capacity has increased and we are growing into the role that a Community Foundation should play in the region it serves.

But this begs the question, can we do both well?  I’m pleased to share that we are not only doing both of these roles well, but our work in community impact has actually improved our ability to work with individual donors.

Our board recently affirmed at its annual retreat that our core services (established about 16 years ago) continue to be our primary focus.  Those including managing investments and endowments, providing philanthropic advising services to fundholders, grantmaking to nonprofits, providing scholarships to individuals, and managing the accounting for all of these transactions.

Our board also affirmed emerging areas as priorities for the Foundation; these include educating the public about philanthropy, attracting and serving a diverse pool of donors, building collaborative efforts and facilitating community dialog, impact investing, connecting donors and grantees, and planning for the long term.

Since we began our initiatives and other community impact work, our learning curve has been on steroids. We are able to provide our fundholders with more–and more critical–information about community needs and giving opportunities, and we have developed deeper relationships with organizations and service providers. We have met new funders and brought corporate, private, and institutional funders together in an examination of some community issues.  And, we are just getting started.

Can we provide core services to current and bequest donors who advise/designate where their gifts go AND focus on community issues through convenings and leadership?

I say, we must!

Together, we can infuse a circle of change within our community. We facilitate philanthropic solutions, connect you with the right causes, and serve as your expert resource on giving.  Imagine the good we can foster and the difference we can make together when you place your charitable investment with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

Call and join us in our efforts to build a better, stronger northern Nevada for this and future generations.

We connect people who care with causes that matter.
Chris Askin, President & CEO, 775-762-1932.
Please note the Community Foundation new address: 50 Washington Street, Suite 300, Reno, NV 89503

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