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Alcohol and drug addiction, frequently coupled with undiagnosed mental illness, is ravaging our community.

It erodes public safety, denies accountability and decimates families. Most of us have been touched by addiction and mental illness in some manner. Besides the personal price, untreated addiction triggers excessive hospital, jail and human service costs.

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The good news is that twenty years of “drug courts” in America have proved conclusively that “treatment works.”  National studies confirm that $1 spent on treatment now saves up to $7 in government and charitable services later.  “Therapeutic Jurisprudence” is the theory by which drug courts provide humane treatment and rehabilitative criminal justice. Judges personally monitor cases, marshals enforce compliance, and counselors/therapists work with participants to gain control of addictions and replace them with responsible coping techniques.

RenoCares is a charitable fund managed by the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada.  Through RenoCares, the Reno Municipal Court assists in paying for substance abuse counseling, psychological or psychiatric services, and related costs for adults convicted of misdemeanors who cannot afford those services.

The City of Reno’s drug courts are found in Department 3, “Specialty Court,” with the DUI-Drug Program, the Co-Occurring Disorders Program, and the Homeless Inebriant program. In Department 4, the drug courts preside over the “Fresh Start Therapeutic Court” for DUI offenders.

Treatment saves lives, reunites families, reduces crime, and is the most cost-effective means to restore communities.  You can help keep treatment available to those who desperately need it by giving generously to the RenoCares Fund.