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NPRI Mission Statement

Nevada Policy Research Institute’s mission is to effectively promote policies that encourage free-market solutions, protect individual liberties, and eliminate unnecessary governmental restrictions on the citizens and businesses of Nevada.

Nevada Policy Research Institute

In order to accomplish this mission, we:

  • Use fact-based information to create policy and to educate the public.
  • Analyze legislation, regulation, and litigation to inform citizens of Nevada about intended and unintended consequences.
  • Leverage social and public media to inform current and future citizens of Nevada.
  • Collaborate with other like-minded organizations to leverage freedom promoting policies and laws.
  • Advocate for policies that unleash the creative power of free markets and free people.
  • Concentrate our work on areas that have a profound impact on the freedoms of Nevadans: state budgetary concerns, school choice, taxation, criminal justice reform, and transparency in government.

How is the Nevada Policy Research Institute funded?

Nevada Policy is funded through the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations, and family trusts. Most of the Institute’s contributions come from individuals throughout the Silver State who support our mission.