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Nevada Land Trust Endowment

If you have a strong connection to Nevada’s epic landscapes, its water, and its wildlife – if you want future generations to know the places that matter to you – Nevada Land Trust can help.

If you want to ensure that Nevada’s rivers are protected, that herds of deer and pronghorn continue to roam, and that when the opportunity arises to conserve a vital spring, work with a ranching family to conserve their land, or fill in the missing piece for a trail project, we can do that – on your behalf.

NV Land Trust Endowment
It’s in our name. Trust. In NLT’s first 15 years, landowners, donors, agencies, and other partners have trusted us to get the job done. 42,000 protected acres later, NLT has shown it has the mettle, the relationships, and the ability to deliver conservation success. You can trust that your legacy investment in the future of Nevada’s vital land and water will make a difference to the things you care about.

NLT cares about perpetuity – it’s part of our mission, and it’s part of our conservation toolkit. It’s a very long time horizon, but one that we approach thoughtfully and strategically. Your gift to the Nevada Land Trust Endowment will send an unending stream of annual income to continue conserving, perserving and protecting our wonderful Nevada.

Please contact Alicia Reban for more information – all inquiries will be held in the strictest of confidence. 775-851-5180 or Learn more visit