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Romance Scams

Below are helpful tips to avoid falling victim to “Romance Scams.” 
This information is provided by the Community Foundation’s Preventing Financial Scams Initiative.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from Romance Scams

Romance scams

    Red Flags

    • Never send money or gifts to someone you have not met in person.
    • Be incredibly cautious of people saying they need money for emergency expenses.
    • Be on guard if a person is “working abroad” or is from another country.
    • Meet the person you have connected with in-person within five days.
    • People who confess love quickly are normally scammers.
    • Scammers will ask you to create a new bank account to commit online bank fraud. Scammers will deposit stolen money into the new account and ask you to wire money out of the country. 
    • Have a healthy skepticism with people you meet online, even if they are charming.
    • If you suspect someone is an imposter online, ask someone you trust for their opinion.
    •  If using Google Chrome, verify if the person’s photo is real by right clicking their photo and selecting “Search Google for image.” If the photo appears on other sites with a different name, it is probably being used as a scam.
    • Limit the personal information you share online. Keep your communication limited to the dating site or in person.

    Reporting the Scam

    • Filing a report can help others from getting scammed and can assist law enforcement with stopping scammers.
    • Contact your bank immediately if you suspect you sent money to a scammer.
    • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at or the FBI at
    • Report the incident to the dating site.   

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    Rev. November 2021

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