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The Community Foundation of Western Nevada announced the launch of the Campaign for Community at a high energy rocket launch themed party April 11, culminating with a countdown and video of a NASA rocket lift off.

Jennifer Satre, the Campaign Co-Chair, introduced Launch Party guests to the Campaign for Our Community’s effort to build a Community Endowment that will generate, $400,000 to millions in grants each year which can be used to address wide-spread challenges in our community.

Guest speakers and the public “Faces of Community” for the Campaign, Reno Councilman Oscar Delgado, retired NV Energy executive Mary Simmons,  and young philanthropist Konner Robison each lent their perspectives on the responsibility we have to support the community we love.

To close the program, Teresa Mentzer, Community Foundation of Western Nevada Vice-Chair, asked guests to stand and imagine how our community would have looked if we had the Community Endowment 20 years ago and then to imagine the future of our community as the Community Endowment, now a reality, grows and makes grants for generations.

​Learn more at CampaignForOurCommunity.org  





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