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Go-To Guide Created!
If you found yourself alone and on the streets would you know where to look for help?

Over the last 6 weeks the Community Foundation made calls and interviewed hundreds of nonprofit organizations providing services to runaway, unattached, homeless and aging-out-of-foster-care youth in our area. A You’N-I Resource Guide has been created. This guide is filled with specific information for youth seeking help. The guide currently lists 220 resources and services provided by 180 different nonprofit providers. We expect this guide to evolve as our knowledge of current resources grows.

 If you would like a copy, email Lyndsey,  lcrossley@nevadafund.org and she will email it to you.

This information will be updated quarterly, and we will be adding additional information including bus route numbers, best way to contact, whether pets are allowed, etc. Please help us by emailing back with any suggestions, changes or additions you have.

 Now that the information is collected and the list is edited we are working on getting it to the web and having an app built so youth and service providers can connect easily.

 In addition to the resource guide, plans are underway by some outstanding service providers to develop a downtown drop-in center and to begin a mentoring program.

 This is just the first of many steps to improve the situation for struggling youth in our community. We are thrilled with the community participation and support of this initiative so please accept our grateful thanks.

It is vital that everyone continues to work together as we move forward with meaningful impact. Now that we have some specific actions we can take there are opportunities for donors who wish to help with the online directory, drop-in center, and other measures to help the youth. If you’d like to help, please call Chris Askin at 775-333-5499

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