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The Truckee River Fund and The Nevada Dream Tags Fund are accepting Requests for Proposals until February 8, 2018, at noon.

The Truckee River Fund is encouraging proposals for the following:
A. Projects that improve bank or channel stabilization and decrease erosion.
B. Structural controls or Low Impact Development (LID) projects on tributaries and drainages to the Truckee River where data supports evidence of pollution and/or sediments entering the Truckee  River.
C. Projects that remove pollution from the Truckee River.
D. Projects that remove or control invasive aquatic species or terrestrial invasive plant
species that are adverse to the water supply.
E. Other projects that meet the grant priorities listed on page 2 of the rfp.

Download Truckee River Fund Request for Proposal

The Nevada Dream Tags Fund encourages proposals for the following:

A. Projects that improve, protect, or restore Nevada wildlife habitat.
B. Projects that embrace unique opportunities for advancing the mission of wildlife conservation in Nevada.
C. Projects that address emergency needs.
D. Other projects that meet the evaluation criteria (see page 6 of rfp).

Download Nevada Dream Tags Fund Request for Proposal

Both funds require a 25% match for funds requested. Guidelines for requests of matching funds are provided in the application forms.

Contact Program Officer Lauren Renda for more information.

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