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Sonoma County Resilience Fund | Community Foundation Sonoma County


Countless numbers of our neighbors in Sonoma County have lost absolutely everything.

After the frenzy and chaos of a devastating disaster like the raging firestorm ravaging Sonoma County passes, the long road to recovery and rebuilding begins—and it is here that philanthropy can play a distinct and critical role. With our deep relationships with local nonprofits, government officials, and community leaders, community foundations are often in the best position to hold funds, make grants, and support our communities.

In recognition of our critical role, Community Foundation Sonoma County has launched the Sonoma County Resilience Fund to address the mid to long-term needs of the community. Learn more about the purpose of the Resilience Fund.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada encourages you to reach out and help the victims of the fire by donating to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund established by the Community Foundation of Sonoma County.

Donate to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund

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