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Both Phil and I went to college on scholarships. The scholarships we give to Nevada residents are important. For our economy, and future, and stability we need college educated people.


Looking for A Scholarship? Start Here

Scholarships are a way to give that is:

Donors and Students are encouraged to meet.Personal: Create a scholarship in honor or memory of someone you admire. Name it for yourself or your family. Encourage a field of study that reflects your life interest.  You can get to know the people you help.

Enduring: Scholarship Funds are permanent, endowed funds.

Easy: You leave the IRS regulations regarding scholarships and the complicated administrative details to us. You set the selection criteria and you can be involved in the selection committee.  IRS Scholarship regulations are not easy. Even if you have a private foundation, as several of our fundholders do, consider making your scholarships through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

Full of Impact: Your gift will make a deep impression on the lives of the students you touch. In turn, they are very likely to pass on your example of helping others when they are able.

Scholarship Funds may be established by individuals, families, or organizations.

You and/or representatives you appoint may be part of the scholarship selection committee. Community Foundation board members and staff will comprise the majority of members.

The minimum initial contribution to establish a scholarship is $50,000.

Your Scholarship Fund is endowed and will grow over time.

The average annual gift from a $50,000 fund is about $2,000. Because we invest with care, your fund will grow, and over time give far more than your initial investment.


Your scholarship fund will be charged an administrative fee of 1.5% annually of the average daily balance of the fund. The administrative fees will be reduced or adjusted, should the Fund exceed $1 million or other thresholds per the Fee and Fund Policy. Fees are calculated on the daily average fund balance for the most recent month and paid monthly by automatic deduction from the Fund balance.


If you are interested in learning more about starting a scholarship for yourself, your civic group, or business, contact Program Officer Lauren Renda, phone 775-333-5499 ex 24.


Learn more: Please read through the Grants to Individuals Policy.

Students: Apply for a Community Foundation scholarship.