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Support northern Nevada’s local public television. Keep it local, nonprofit and free for residents of our region – forever  – by making a generous gift to the PBS Reno Endowment.

Learn more about PBS Reno public television at pbsreno.org

Mission and Vision

PBS Reno’s Mission:

PBS Reno enriches, inspires, entertains, and delights our community while fostering civic responsibility, the sharing of ideas, exploration of our world, and the joy of learning.

PBS Reno’s Vision:

PBS Reno is your first choice for quality content.

PBS Reno’s Plan:

  • Operate within a business model that maintains our fiscal integrity while achieving a diversified, independent financial strategy.
  • Build an organization that is flexible and innovative.
  • Make our content available wherever, whenever, and however, people want to receive it.
  • Provide high quality, mission-driven, relevant content, and services for our community.
  • Establish and maintain effective and ongoing community partnerships.

– See more at: http://www.pbsreno.org/about/mission_and_vision/#sthash.4l19z2Vo.dpuf