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MIchael Salogga

Michael Salogga, Business Manager of the Carson City Senior Center has served on the Community Foundation of Western Nevada board since 2015 and became a trustee in 2018.  Heis currently the chair of the Investment Committee.  Michael helped plan and facilitated an outstanding Annual Retreat for the Board. When asked why he sticks around, Michael said,

“I am a part of the Community Foundation because I believe that this organization is the best path for people to be philanthropic where they live and can leave a legacy to the community.”

Michael is the

Here are a few fun facts you may not have known about Michael:

He was a Double-A rated two-man volleyball player (which is 2 levels below Pro) and is a certified scuba diver with nearly 200 dives underwater!

Michael also used to host the Mike Jupiter Show on a local community radio station in Grand Junction, CO, where he played the best music in the galaxy.

Thank you, Michael, for all you do for the Community Foundation!

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